Getting Help

Support options:

1) Primary Support : Facebook Group

Here are some types of questions or problems to post inside the Super PowerUps Facebook group :

  • How do I ....

  • I can't seem to get this to work...

  • I am confused by...

  • I can't find....

Basically for any trouble using the our PowerUps - please post a question inside the Facebook Group. This way everyone can leverage the information shared by us and possibly others can also provide input into how they are using their super powers.

When posting a "help me" type of message inside the Facebook group:

Issue resolution starts with clearly understanding your problem or question. So the clearer and more precise you are in not only describing the issue, but also what exactly you are trying to achieve goes a long way into a quick resolution.

The best way to report issues is to share a screen recording video. This way you can actually describe and show at the same time. Plus it is much quicker for you as well, because you do not have to type a long message.

We love 😍 screen recordings and issues that include them quickly go to the top of the priority list. Use Loom or other free tools, to quickly and easily share a screen recording.

If the issues needs to "move to support" because of access information or you would rather not reveal your site or issue - then we will continue the conversation as a support ticket.

2) Support Tickets

Filing a support ticket should be used for the following types of issues

  • Account problems (can't log in, unable to install or access purchased products)

  • Billing questions

  • Issues that require sharing sensitive information

As with posting an issue to the Facbeook group, we ask that you provide as much detail as possible when reporting the problem.

  • Describe the steps you are taking to see the issue.

  • Specify the PowerUp Name (and super section) you are using

  • Detail "what you are trying to achieve" as well (so we know if you are using the correct super power)

  • Provide a screen shot and even better a Loom screen recording

  • Provide a link if possible

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