Smart Style

Inside Kit Super Power sections for most text entries, you may see the words "Smart Style" show next to the label. This indicates that this field supports special "tags" that will allow you to quickly apply effects using your colors that you have configured inside of Base Kit
PRO TIP: Use some Smart Style inside of Kit's Social Proof super power sections to call out key words in the testimonial. It can help "stop the scroll" and draw attention to the key benefits and outcomes your course will provide => higher conversions.

How to use Smart Style

  • In a Smart Style supported text section, locate where you want to start the smart styling
  • Insert one of the support Smart Style Start tags (shown below)
  • When you want to end the smart styling, simply enter two right brackets ]]
  • For example, let's say within a heading we wanted to apply our "Color 1" to certain words. We would change Heading: "BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS" to "BLACK [C1]FRIDAY]] SPECIALS". This would make the word "FRIDAY" the color we have set as our Color 1.

Smart Style Start Tags

  • [C1], [C2], [C3], [C4], [C5] - will start smart styling with your colors 1-5
  • [G1] - will start styling with your gradient color
  • [H1], [H2], [H3], [H4], [H5] - will start smart styling with a highlight color effect using your colors 1-5
  • [F1], [F2], [F3], [F4], [F5], [F6], [F7], [F8] - will start smart styling with certain font weights or "boldness", the higher the number the bolder the text is