06 - Bundle Promo

This Promo Kit super power is to help you make more money by selling a large set of courses at once. A great way to do that is to promote a bundle of courses.

EXPERIENCE IT: Head over to the demo page and see this super power in action

How to use this super power

1) Add the Promo Kit Sections to the page

2) Update the countdown timer settings

3) Adjust your style settings

5) Set your main bundle image

6) Create a list of items that are included with this bundle promotion

๐Ÿ”ฅPRO TIP: Although we could have filled this section in programmatically when choosing the bundle, we feel you can better express and highlight the "true value" of this bundle in your own terms. Plus, you may be including "bonuses' in your bundle that is not necessarily inside the actual "bundle" as a course. The prices are all manually entered on this page, as it gives you the freedom to put some text around it and use SmartStyle to display it as you wish.

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