Promos Kit

The Promos Kit will help you pull off the ultimate promotion. Great for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday Sales or any of special flash sale to increase your revenue

πŸ’₯Why We 😍 Love This Kit

  • Increase sales by offering promotions to your courses or bundles

  • High converting techniques like urgency, timers, timed displaying and more

  • Create a larger sale with bundle promotions

  • Set up in minutes with no tech experience

  • Canva templates included (optional)

  • Easy enough for any "non-marketer" to look like a marketing pro

What Super Power Sections Are Included In This Kit

  1. Sticky Popup With Exit Intent - perfectly timed friendly popup that sticks to the corner of the page. Optionally add an exit intent to pop open in a larger view to really grab their attention.

  2. Scratch & Win - This Promo Kit super power will gamify your promotion with an intelligent scratch off game. You choose the prizes and we will randomly select the winning one for your user

  3. Large Sticky Popup - This Promo Kit super power will grab the attention of your reader wit a larger sticky popup

  4. Deals Slider - This Promo Kit super power is great when you have a few featured deals that you would like to promote as a page banner or somewhere else on the page.

  5. Deals Slider (Small card) - This Promo Kit super power is a carousel that includes a sense of urgency with a built in countdown timer. Perfect for Black Friday and flash promotions.

  6. Bundle Promo - This Promo Kit super power is to help you make more money by selling a large set of courses at one. A great way to do that is to promote a bundle of courses.

  7. Single CTA With Timer - This Promo Kit super power is small but mighty. With this oversize call simple call to action with some fancy subtle accent text, there is no missing this "buy" button. Optionally include a countdown timer and you are sure to snag that sale

  8. Banner With Background Video - This Promo Kit super power will really grab the attention of your prospect with a eye catch big banner with background video and optional countdown timer

  9. Bar with Animated Coupon - This Promo Kit super power puts a sticky bar on the top or bottom of the page showing an animated 'coupon' code that is sure to get attention

  10. Before The Sale Opt-In - This Promo Kit super power is great for snagging deal seeking leads. Use this to build up excitement before the sale happens.

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