Sections Kit

This kit contains over 80 new sections that you can use on your site pages.

Step 1: Make sure you have Sections Kit installed

Check your app page inside of your Site Admin ex: and make sure you have "Sections Kit πŸ’₯ PowerUp" installed. If it is not listed there, head back to the member dashboard and install it.

Step 2: Add Base Kit to your page

Open up the page you would like to add a Section Kit section to and first add the "Base Kit Section". You can also copy a Base kit section from another page if you have one already created. Be sure to read our guide on how Base kit works.

Step 3: Add a Sections Kit section to the page

The Sections Kit comes with many different types of super powers. You can easily search for all sections by adding a section and search for "Kit: " or you can search for a specific section to use by searching for it's Kit Id ex: Kit: Banner (01)

Step 4: Update the Sections Kit Section Settings

After you have added your Sections Kit section to your page, be sure to update the default settings to control the behavior, text, media, links, etc and configure it to the way you want it to look. Each section will contain its own settings. There will be consistency across all of the Kit collection by grouping the settings into common groups (ex; Headings, etc) Be sure to check the guide on the promo section you decided to use for any specific instructions.

What Super Power Sections Are Included In This Kit

  1. Banner sections (13) - Choose from a variety of styles for your page banners

  2. Content sections (5) - Use these content sections on any number of pages

  3. Icons sections (13) - these icons sections will help quickly communicate key selling points

  4. Lists sections (13) - use these list sections to help quickly summarize outcomes

  5. Modules sections (15) - use these module sections to communicate more deeply what is include with your course

  6. Pricing sections (09) - choose from a variety of pricing sections to communicate purchase options

  7. Social Proof Sections (13) - add these social proof sections to help increase your course sales

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