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🚀 Getting Started With Kit

Why You Should Use Kit

Kit is unlike any other PowerUp we have created - although our goal is the same (increase your sales, create happy members, make you a super hero) - Kit's main emphasis is to give you more options to help you create an incredible looking and performing Thinkific Site. We will accomplish this by releasing hyper focused Kit Power Ups as individual components that you can install.
As a course creator, your needs will change over time and your focus one day may be on getting leads, and the next month your attention will be to make sure your members are over the moon happy. So instead of trying to master all of your super powers at once, you can focus on a specific task and feel like a super hero.

Key Kit Concepts

  • A Kit PowerUp is essentially a Thinkific "App" that adds new Site Builder sections to your list of available sections to use on any page
  • Inside of each Kit PowerUp, we will include multiple super power sections that go with the theme of the Kit. For example, the Promo Prep Kit is all about showcasing deals and steals on your Thinkific site (especially for promotions like Black Friday, etc)
  • All Kit's are meant to work together - instead of having to master "many different ways" - or be "stuck in one theme" - you will be able to have an endless supply of super power sections all "talking the same language"
  • We may sell individual Kits, but as always our PowerUp Pass members will have free access to them all. PowerUp Pass members will also get early access to new Kit PowerUps before we ever sell them individually.
  • Once you install a Kit PowerUp - it is yours forever - even if you are no longer a PowerUp member. In fact, you will still receive updates to the Kit as long as it stays installed into your site.

Using Kit Sections With Site Builder

Kit Super Power sections can be added to any page using Site Builder. Depending on which KIt's you have installed into your site, you will have different sections available to you.

Step 1: Make sure you have a Kit PowerUp installed

Check your app page inside of your Site Admin ex: and make sure you have at least one "Kit: ... " PowerUp installed. If it is not listed there, head back to the member dashboard and install it.

Step 2: Add Base Kit to your page

Open up the page inside of Site Builder, that you would like to add a Kit section to and first add the "Base Kit Section". This provides your customized styles and colors, but also includes the needed components to make the rest of the Kit sections look and perform properly Be sure to read our guide on how Base kit works.
IMPORTANT: one Base Kit section must exist on each page that contains other Kit Super Power sections. You can copy a Base kit section from another page if you have one already created, however the settings inside of the Base Kit will only apply to that page.

Step 3: Add a Super Power Section from a Kit PowerUp to the page

The Kit PowerUp comes with many different types of super powers sections. You can easily search for all sections by adding a section and search for "Kit: ..." (replace "..." with the Kit PowerUp name ex: Kit: Promo). You can search for a specific section to use by searching for it's Kit Section Id Number ex: Kit: Pricing (01)

Step 4: Update the Section Settings

After you have added your Kit Super Power section to your page, be sure to update the default settings to control the behavior, text, media, links, etc and configure it to the way you want it to look. Generally these sections behave just like any other Thinkific Section, but some do have some special super powers like Smart Style, Button Options, Background Video and more. Each section will contain its own settings. There will be consistency across all of the Kit collection by grouping the settings into common groups (ex; Headings, etc) Be sure to check the guide on the section you decided to use for any specific instructions.

Step 5: Add more Kit Sections

Keep adding other sections as you need to, if you want to add more Kit Super Power sections, then head to the member area and install new Kit Power Ups.

Copying Base Kit & Super Power Sections

As mentioned, the Base Kit section provides a way for you to establish some standard use of your branding colors and styles. It works differently than the standard Thinkific Theme settings. The Base Kit is used by all Kit Super Power sections and therefore it needs to be on each page that is using a Kit section.
You can always share these settings across pages by copying your Base Kit Section from one page to another. But, if you make any changes and want them applied to all pages, you have to re-copy the section across all pages.

Using Kit Sections From Different Kit Power Ups

The intention of Kit is to deliver Kit Power Ups that are hyper focused on giving you new super powers for a very specific type of section, page or goal. Over time there will be many Kit PowerUps created with each including its own set of super power sections.
You can use any combination of Kit sections from any Kit Power Up as long as the Base Kit section is included on the page.
For example; maybe you want to use the Promo Prep Kit but want to include some social proof sections from the Social Proof Kit. No problem - just make sure you have each Kit PowerUp installed and then search for the Kit sections that you want to use.