Using Background Videos

In some of Kit's sections like Promo (08) there is an option to include a background video. For these videos, you need to essentially provide a URL to an MP4 Video file.
Thinkific makes it a breeze by utilizing their course "download" lesson.
  • Create a Web Optimized MP4 video file. You should always limit the length of your video to 30-40 seconds at the most, or even better, find a short video that loops seamlessly, so that it seems like a longer video, but could be less than 1MB or 2MB in size, depending on the length. Videoblocks is a great resource for these videos.
  • Create a dummy course inside your Thinkific site
  • Create a download lesson and upload the video file
  • Open the course as a student
  • Right click on the download link and copy it
  • Paste it into the Kit section settings

Also create a Thumbnail for the video

When you are using a background video, you should also provide a "poster" image. This image will be used on mobile devices that do note support HTML5 video and also will be shown briefly before the video plays.
  • Play the video in full screen mode on your laptop or desktop
  • Pause the video on frame one
  • Capture the screen
  • Crop this image in Canva so that it is 1920x1280
  • (Alternatively) use this black image as the "poster" image so that the first frame is always black.