02 - Scratch & Win

This Promo Kit super power will gamify your promotion with an intelligent scratch off game. You choose the prizes and we will randomly select the winning one for your user
EXPERIENCE IT: Head over to the demo page and see this super power in action

How to use this super power

1) Add the Promo Kit Sections to the page

  • Make sure you have the Promos Kit installed into your site
  • On a site page, add (or copy) the Base kit Section that is included with all of our Kit PowerUps. The Base Kit section contains the style choices that will be used on this page for all other Kit sections.
  • Add a section and search for "Promo (02)" and add it to your page

2) Get your scratch off images ready

  • Create your images to be used for the scratch off game using this free Canva template. You can use whatever image you want, but they need to be the size of 550px by 550px. You will need the following images
    • A cover image - This image should have some text to tell them what to do
    • Prize image(s) - One or more prize images. We will randomly select one that will be shown when the cover image is scratched off. This image should have the details on redemption (like a coupon code to use).
The "prizes" are up to you. You can even include a "Sorry, you did not win" image. Generally we recommend that the image contain a coupon code to redeem as there will not be a link associated with the image after being scratched.

3) Upload your scratch off images

  • Add your cover image as the first block
  • Add your remaining prize images as additional blocks settings

4) Set your visibility settings (Optional)

  • Open the Visibility settings group
  • Set the Delay to appear slider to the number of seconds that you want to wait until the popup is shown. It is recommended to have a small delay so that your reader is not caught off guard when the page loads. It is more likely they will pay attention to the popup instead of showing it right away.
  • Set the Promo ID if you want to track apply these identify this popup across different pages. For example, if you want to only allow this popup to be shown once, but are using it on many pages, be sure they all have the same Promo ID
  • Set the Max number of tries slider to be the number of tries you would like the reader to have. Once they "start scratching" then that counts as "one try".

5) Add some instructions (Optional)

If you feel like you need to describe this promotion a bit more than what can be displayed in your image, then add a few lines of text in the Headings

6) Change the coin image (Optional)

  • If you really want to change the image of the coin, then you simply need to upload any PNG (with transparent background). We also added a link to the Canva template that we used to create this coin.
🔥PRO TIP: Get creative in your promotions. People become numb to seeing the same old "tricks" they have seen before. You can also use the "urgency" principle by having the Scratch & Win super power activated for a limited time (and only give them one change to claim a prize).