Canva Templates

If you never used Canva before, you have to stop what you are doing right now and just spend 10 mins. Create your free account and explore it. It will be your new best friend. It will make you look "pro-level". And not only does it have you creating images in a snap - with a gazillion templates to choose and modify. But it also enables you to create videos, animated slides, GIF's from videos, and more.

Now you do not have to master Canva and do "all the things" mentioned. But to make your life a whole lot easier and also to make you recreate some of our demo's without wondering "how did they do that", we have included many "Canva Templates" right into the Kit PowerUp sections.

Whenever you see an image type of setting - look right below it and see if there is a Canva link. For example in the Promo (02) - Scratch & Win section, you will see a Canva template link.

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