08 -Banner With Background Video

This Promo Kit super power will really grab the attention of your prospect with a eye catching big banner with background video and optional countdown timer
EXPERIENCE IT: Head over to the demo page and see this super power in action

How to use this super power

1) Add the Promo Kit Sections to the page

  • Make sure you have the Promos Kit installed into your site
  • On a site page, add (or copy) the Base kit Section that is included with all of our Kit PowerUps. The Base Kit section contains the style choices that will be used on this page for all other Kit sections.
  • Add a section and search for "Promo (08)" and add it to your page

2) Update the countdown timer settings

  • Open the Countdown Timer settings group and configure if you want to use the countdown timer. And if so, set the date and time that will be used. Be sure to check the countdown timer guide for more information on setting the correct time.

3) Update the styles you would like to use

  • Update the styles and colors that will be used for the text, background and button setting groups. Be sure to check the guide on how to use named colors, custom fonts and more.
The headings are meant to big BIG AND BOLD. But depending on your language and the length of text, you may want to adjust the size of the headings on both desktop and mobile sized displays.

4) Add your background video

  • Be sure to check our Background Video Guide on how to use Background videos.
  • Provide the url to your MP4 Web Optimized video file
  • Upload your video thumbnail image
🔥PRO TIP: Background videos are great to grab the reader's attention when they first see the page, but should not "over power" your headline. Be sure to read the video guide on recommended sizes and also how to leverage Thinkific's platform to get a URL for your video file.