01 - Sticky Popup With Exit Intent

This Promo Kit super power will get your readers attention with a sticky popup and also an optional Exit intent. that is built for conversion.
EXPERIENCE IT: Head over to the demo page and see this super power in action

How to use this super power

1) Add the Promo Kit Sections to the page

  • Make sure you have the Promos Kit installed into your site
  • On a site page, add (or copy) the Base kit Section that is included with all of our Kit PowerUps. The Base Kit section contains the style choices that will be used on this page for all other Kit sections.
  • Add a section and search for "Promo (01)" and add it to your page

2) Add your images and text for the sticky popup

  • Set up your Small Popup Headings for the text that will appear on the sticky popup. You can also not include any headings by just removing all text.
  • Next, configure your Button settings for the text and the page to be used for the button. There is a button on the small sticky popup and the exit intent. This setting controls both buttons.
  • Upload your images to be used on the sticky popup. There is one for the circle (we recommend a picture of yourself) and one for the main image. Here is a free Canva template you can use to easily create your own using your images and colors. Note: removing an image will make the sticky popup be a "text only" message and is perfectly fine to do, but images always grab more attention.

3) Set the visibility settings for the sticky popup

4) Set up the Exit Intent settings and content

  • Open the Exit Intent settings and change the settings to control its behavior. Be sure to read the Exit Intent guide to understand why and how you should use this super power.
  • Change the Exit intent headings and image settings. These can be the same as your had used on the small sticky popup, but it is recommended to make it different so that you have a "second chance" at grabbing the reader's attention.
  • Lastly, you can change the style being used for the headings and background color of the popups.
🔥PRO TIP: Drop this super power onto your checkout page and promote a coupon to be used during checkout. The exit intent feature of this Promo PowerUp will really kill off your cart abandonments. Note: The "Streamlined Checkout" is not supported due to not being able to control that via Site Builder.