Exit Intents

An exit intent is when your reader is viewing your page and then they start moving their mouse over to either close the browser, change the web address or open a new tab. This is their "intention" to "exit" you page... as in bah-bye!

In some of Kit's PowerUps, like Promo 01 there is an option to display an Exit Intent and in this guide we will cover these settings so that you use this super power effectively.

Using the Exit Intent

You don't have to use the exit intent if you do not want to - simply uncheck the checkbox.

Showing a progress bar

You might wonder, why on earth does the exit intent have a progress bar. Well it turns out that there is a psychological phenomenon that makes people feel uncomfortable leaving things incomplete. Itโ€™s known as the Zeigarnik Effect, a term coined by the 20th-century Russian psychologist, Bluma Zeigarnik. When your reader sees this "half-complete" progress bar - their brain says "slow down buddy, you didn't finish something". And that "something" they did not finish was to click on your call to action (ex: buy your course).

If you do not want to use the progress bar effect, then simply disable it. You can also play around with changing the color to see if you end up getting better results.

Delay to activate

This will determine how long we will wait before we activate the exit intent. In some cases you may only want to trigger the exit intent super power if the reader has been on the page for several seconds. In other cases, you may want to activate it more immediately.

Let's say you have your delay to activate set to 5 seconds, here is what happens:

  1. Website reader visits your page and then immediately leaves in less than 5 seconds => no exit intent

  2. Website reader visits your page and then leaves after 5 seconds => exit intent will be activated but will only be shown based on their Time between the next intent

Time between the next exit intent

This setting determines the amount of time that is required between the last time they visited the same page.

Let's say you have yours set to 2 mins, here is what happens:

  1. Website reader visits your page and attempts to leave => exit intent is shown

  2. if they visit the same page again and attempts to leave again in less then two minutes => exit intent is not shown again

  3. If they visit the same page again and attempt to leave again in more than two minutes => exit intent is shown again.

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